How to clean blinds the right way

How to clean blinds the right way

Depending on the type of blinds you have installed, cleaning is a must.  Some blinds required almost no cleaning, because they are dust proof, but you need to maintain your blinds to uphold its life expectancy.  Here are some helpful tips on how to clean your blinds the right way.

For non-fabric blinds, you have to remove the dust first.  You get these very convenient blind dusters that are specifically made for the job, but a dust cloth will do.  You may also choose to vacuum your blinds.  After dusting them, you have to wash them.  Be careful not to use a lot of soap.  Three drops of dish washing liquid in a bucket of warm water will do.  Keep on rinsing the cloth as you go along.  The cloth can get really dirty.

Make sure you handle the blinds carefully, as some of them are not hung correctly and may shift.  Whether you have vertical or horizontal blinds, start from one point and move you way down.  Hold on to the slat and clean it carefully.  This is also the cheapest way.

If you have fabric blinds, you might want to vacuum them regularly.  This is important, because of discolouration.  If fabric blinds get to much dirt, you will notice that the colour is affect.  So, vacuum them regularly and wash them with a sponge and warm soapy water.  If you have roller blinds, remember to roll them all the way down.  Vacuum them, then wash them.  Fabric blinds need sufficient time to dry.  Roller blinds can be kept in rolled-down position for 2 days or so.

Keep those blinds clean!

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