Do’s And Don’ts with Blinds

Do’s And Don’ts with Blinds

We find it imperative to share with you the following tips when it comes to blinds.  We need to eliminate disappointments after blinds have been installed for a client.


  • Ask for samples from the person who is supplying the service or selling you the product.
  • Ask if colours will vary due to due certain materials used. Exp: if basswood is used, some batches may differ from the sample that you saw.
  • Make sure that measurements are taken of your windows and doors before signing off on any installation.
  • Ask for life expectancy for the type that you have chosen.
  • Ask for maintenance tips of the type that you have chosen.
  • Make sure that the type that you have chosen fits with the design of that particular room.
  • Do check the testimonials of the person who supplies the service or sells you the product.


  • Pick according to design only, but pick according to functionality aswell.
  • Let kids pull on the cords of your blinds.
  • Just throw away your old blinds, but ask your service provider how they can be recycled.
  • Let the installer walk away without you testing them first.

We hope these tips were helpful.

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